You can buy an electronic gift card from the online store immediately for your use easily and with flexible payment methods 24/7.

A gift card is always a pleasant gift and who would not want to come and enjoy a relaxing treatment in the middle of a busy schedule. We offer several different services to help you get Gift Gard easily and quickly.

You can pick up a gift card from our salon or order it from our online store. There are several payment methods available to you in the online store. These include PayPal, bank transfer and the secure credit and debit card service Stripe (Visa, Visa Depit, Mastercard, Mastercard Depit). When picking up from salon, the payment methods are cash, credit or debit card and mobile pay.

You will receive the electronic gift card from the online store immediately after payment. If you prefer printed gift card, we will send it to you by traditional mail on the payment day and it will take about 5 working days to deliver it by Finnish posti.

If a pick-up or online store ordering are not for you, just call us. The gift card will then be charged with a printed invoice and and both are sent to you manually using traditional mail. Please notice, that in this case the card can be used only after the payment appears in our account. Remeber to use the reference number shown on the invoice. 

Learn more about our gift cards and how to order them

  • You can get gift cards written for the money amount or for a specific treatment.
  • Our gift cards are valid for 6 months. Due to Korona, we are very flexible with the dates of our gift cards. The gift card code remains in our system for two years, so it can be used even after the due date.
  • The gift card is used as a payment method for all our treatments and beauty care products. However, the gift card does not entitle you to the services of external service providers.
  • A gift card written for a sum can easily be used in parts, as can a gift card written for a specific treatment if the gift card has several different treatments.

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By purchasing a gift card you permit us to use your data. Here you can find more details about how we use and keep your data: Privacy statement.