Hand treatments

A Moment for Hands 

Mini manicure. Cuticle care, nail shaping and single color polish with CND VINYLUX™ polish. Duration approx. 20 min.


CND™ Spa Manicure

Effective and pampering treatment for hands with CND's products. Manicure, cuticle care, nail shaping, gentle exfoliation, mask, massage and moisturizing. The treatment includes CND VINYLUX™ single color polish. Duration about 60 min.


Paraffine Therapy for Hands 

Gentle exfoliation of the hands, moisturizing and manicure. Intensive moisturizing products are absorbed into the skin with a paraffin mask, which promotes blood circulation and softens the skin. The treatment includes nail shaping and CND VINYLUX™ single color varnish. Duration about 60 min.


CND™ SHELLAC™ -gel polish

The most prestigious nail treatment on the market and the most performed in the world. During the treatment, the natural nails surface is not roughened. The Shellac treatment is applied on top of unfiled nail. Gel is easy to remove with an acetone-based remover. The duration of the treatment is about 45-60 minutes. The gel polish lasts about 2-4 weeks. A wide range of color options are available.


CND™ SHELLAC™- gel polish and spa manicure

Shellac gel polish and hand treatment with moisturizing CND products.


PlexiGel™ -geelivahvistus, uudet kynnet

Strengthening the natural nail with CND's top-quality gel. This gel give the nail a thin but durable surface. The length of the nail is not extended and the surface of the natural nail is gently filed before the application. The gel is removed during refill by filing.


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